The symbol of the Centre for Disaster Management Studies comprises six parallel lines representing the Letter ā€˜Cā€™ of Centre, while the intersection of the parallel lines signifies the formation of a network. The network illustrates diverse backgrounds, professions and disciplines coming together under one umbrella for the common goal of risk reduction and disaster management Thus, CDMS is interdisciplinary in all its forms and attributes.

The different hands clutching onto each other represent the unity and strength that this Centre will provide to all its stakeholders, similar to how a nation and its different agencies become one for damage reduction during any hazard or disaster.

Harboured between secured hands is an illustration of people amidst nature. It represents the interrelationship between the two, as also what the people united as one can do for the protection and promotion of nature and its very own people.

All these aspects come together to shape the all-inclusive LOGO of the Centre for Disaster Management Studies.